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Sunday, January 29, 2006


The "robots" lesson plan is back with my "secondes" and I added this new listening activity on the movie iRobot starring Will Smith as a homicide detective seeking a murderer among androids.
The students do the listening activities on their own in the lab and we talk about the scene during the following lesson, using reported speech to try and rebuild from memory the scene and the dialogue.

Hopefully, we may proceed to Ask my Bot, a web-based activity where students chat with a virtual robot and have to report the conversation they had.

In the meantime, we also study a text from their book ("Irish Robots Happy to do the Chores" Wide Open 2de, Hachette) and we learn/revise how to introduce a text (genre, title, author, date, main subject) and concentrate on reading comprehension + the expression of ability (can, be able to, be capable of, allow,...) . On their second session in the lab, the students try this quiz on how to express capacity/ability and may do this vocabulary search exercise and they also record their oral presentation of the text "Irish robots..." in mp3.

Eventually, the students will be capable of writing an article about an imaginary robot project (that they may design or draw.... as some students did a few years ago)

the article could be organized as follows:

Intro - presentation of the team and of the project (name, aim)
§1: historical background (the robot's skills int he past)
§2: the progress of technology: robotics today
§3 : The new project: What the new robot will do

(express capacity in the past (§1) , present (§2) and future (§3)


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