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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Slavery Project 2006

The 2006 slavery project at "le Lycée la Jetée, Martinique (French West Indies) is coming to an end, it's high time I allowed you, dear visitors, to see what my seconde B wrote (5th form B). The project started on a nice day out visiting a former sugar plantation on the North-Caribbean coast of the island (April 7, 2006)and ended today with the last test based on an extract from Uncle Tom's Cabin.

The blog2la2b is the teacher and the students' writing area. The students' posts will be evaluated for this academic year's last term.

Note that the class work in the "class log" section of the blog is written in French (the students' native language) by the teacher for all parents and students to understand clearly what was done in class.


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