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Friday, December 08, 2006

What's up?

It's such a long time since I last wrote anything on the blog. It's high time I kept you informed of the news, past and coming events.

I had a great time last summer in France visiting my family and meeting my cyber-colleagues at Cyber-langues in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. I made a short presentation of Stockpotatoes on that occasion, but unfortunately, the new school where I was appointed last september is not connected to the Internet, and the multimedia room doesn't work anyway, so I cannot use the platform with my students.

I have developped more lesson plans and activities using my laptop and video projector instead. So I carry about 5 bags at school: my handbag (a typical woman's messy handbag), my school bag with all my papers, my laptop, one bag with the video-projector, and another one with my speakers and wires. I have had back problems, as you can easily imagine, but fortunately, I found a good doctor to fix this!

I really enjoy my new school, Montgérald high-school in Le Marin, the students are nice and well behaved.
The view of the bay is absolutely wonderful. I found this perso site that will help you picture the setting (although the site and photos is not recent).

So, What's new in class?

A lesson plan on the school rules : I found an interesting American video from the 50s entitled : "school rules, how they help us "and decided to use it in class as part of my first lesson plan this year with the 5th and lower 6th formers. The whole lesson plan is based on the Common European Framework ("cadre européen commun" in French) and can be download here [.doc].

We are currently working on Immigration to the USA: we started with a video entitled "immigration ", from the Prelinger archives. We watched the first 2'45'', without sound first to identify the theme, the countries and revise nationalities, then with sound to check answers. We finished with a fill-in the blanks activity where all geographical terms (countries, nationalities, cardinal points, regions, continents, etc. had been erased.)

We are now working on West Side Story, with a study of the first scene to set the background and context and the song "America" to analyse the contrasting views of the immigrants.
I still have to gather all my documents into one to share them

To conclude, I'm still working on the Academy's site here and on a new Absolutenglish (I've almost used all my space) but this may take a while, or even longer.


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