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Monday, May 14, 2007

Cyber-langues 2007: Perpignan

Cyber-langues is a French organization of language teachers who use ICT in their teaching practices. It organizes a 3-days' meeting each August in a different city of France, or even outside France.

More about Cyber-langues 2007 here:

This year's Cyber-langues will take place in Perpignan. Come and join us this summer if you teach a foreign language, use ICT and speak French (August 21st- August 23rd).

I will be presenting Stock Potatoes , which I have been using on the local network this year with 4 classes in the multimedia room of my school (using EasyPhp). The results are encouraging. I use it to train and evaluate reading and listening skills.
The students just love to work on it. They usually get good or excellent results if we compare them to the scores they would get in a more traditional classroom situation (teacher/students vs students/computer). The student is willing to do the activity (and to do it again and again if possible), he or she is more likely to concentrate on his/her work, for a longer period of time. The teacher immediately gets the students' scores.

Last but not least, I can spend less time marking reading and listening tests and spend more on writing tasks or essays :-)

Teleworking on my Stock Potatoes


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