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What would Man be without many great inventions? How would we be able to live without the home appliances we use everyday? How would science make progress in medicine without technology? To what extent can robots and technology make our lives more comfortable?













Online Resources for students
  • the BBC project to learn some basic information about robots and technology
  • The National Geographic : Try their quiz to discover many great inventions throughout the centuries
  • My Students' Robots: drawing your dream robot can be fun. Here are a few models designed by 3 students at le Lycée la Jetée, in Martinique


Online activities



  • Some inventions are absolutely USELESS , click HERE to see some of them
  • Read an extract from Asimov's Robots: "Who made me?" is what the robot named Cutie wants to know....


    - a paragraph on one invention of your own choice. Click Here

- on the Internet Click Here


- A listening test based on an extract from iRobot



















Other resources for Teachers


    • Here are some other links which I used for this lesson plan and which might be of interest: