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The five steps of the writing process from pre writing to publishing

The Writing Process: to help students become better writers teachers need to help them internalize the processes that bring about quality written communication. These pages attempt to unify and clarify the process, modes, and forms of writing

6 Flash exercises to help students learn how to write different types of academic essays. Includes argumentative, cause and effect, compare and contrast, descriptions of statistics and a bibliography exercise. Thesis statements, topic sentences, supporting sentences and examples are used.
Students can also learn how to write letters

This site gives a great deal of reference support about how to write an essay. It helps students to understand the basic structures of an essay

This site offers guides to efficient essay writing. Includes essay writing basics, a thorough description of different essay types, and writing tips.

A series of writing activities in pdf files.

Essay writing: a document for french students: questions you should ask yourself by Yvan Baptiste (ac-montpellier)

Linking words used in essays: interactive exercises for French students by Yvan Baptiste (ac-montpellier)


    • A series of exercices using some of the links above and aiming to help intermediate to upper-intermediate students of English develop skills in essay writing . Click HERE (Word Doc.)