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Getting Acquainted

We are the fifth form E (2de E) at "Lycée La Jetée", a mixed high-school in Le François, Martinique, in the French West Indies (Caribbean). Martinique is a rather small island which is also called "the island of flowers". Our school is by the sea, on the Atlantic coast.

Our class is composed of 29 students (14 boys and 15 girls) aged 14-16. Some are from Martinique and others are from Metropolitan France but we all live and work in harmony.

Our timetable is organized as follows (subjects per week):
- 4 hours of Math
- 3 hours and a half of physics and chemistry
- 2 hours of biology
- 3 hours of "measurement in physics and computer science"
- 4 hours and a half of French (our native language)
- 3 hours of English (our first foreign language)
- 3 hours of Spanish (our second foreign language)
- 3 hours and a half of History-Geography
- 2 hours of P.E.

Our English teacher, Mrs Bernard chose us for this project forum in which we are happy to participate.
We look forward to meeting you.

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Many great thanks to Olivier for his contribution (photo + name-checking !)


Our Participation to the forum:

Several messages were posted on the forum. First, each student introduced himself or herself personaly, and then, messages were posted by all participants on their favourite celebrations in their own country. To read what the students posted in the forum about Christmas in Martinique, click HERE. Eventually, the students participated in a forum on stereotypes, after having worked together on the theme. The lesson plans created by Barbara Dieu in Sao Polo and responsible with the project is presently a candidate for the GSN award.