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Exercise 1:
  • In this exercise, the words of The Pledge of Allegiance have been mixed. You will have to rewrite it in the correct order as Red Skelton, an American comedian recites his version
Exercise 2:
  • In this exercise, you will have to find synonyms for some of the words used in The Pledge of Allegiance (adapted from the printable version at everythingesl.net)
Exercise 3:
  • In this exercise, you will have to use your memory and fill in the Pledge of Allegiance with the missing words
Exercise 4
  • In this exercise, you will read an article about the phrase "under God" considered to be unconstitutional and answer a few questions
Exercise 5:
  • In this exercise, you will have to describe a photo and save your worksheet

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The American flag : an interactive exercise with audio from www.tolearnenglish.com

by Laurence Bernard, English teacher at Le Lycée du François, 97240 François, France (Académie de la Martinique)


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