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     Choose 4 photos from the e-Gallery HERE


1-    Describe and Write a short comment on each photograph: where you took it, when you took it, what the weather was like, who you were with, how you liked the place.



     DO the Following interactive exercises







You will be evaluated using the following rubric.  You will receive points for your individual work (including your pro/con list), your group work (including your final list), and your final essay.  Your final grade will be based on your research, your credibility of your role, and your involvement with your group.  Use the following rubrics as guidelines while you are working.











Individual Work






Research and Gather Information

Does not collect any information that relates to the topic. Student didn't fill in the tables, didn't collect a map.

Collects little information   Some relates to topic.

Collects good information.  Most of it relates to the topic.

Collects a great deal of information .  All of it relates to the topic.


Problem Solving Skills

Student is very frustrated with project. Gives up easily.

Student is somewhat frustrated with project but is able to continue working if prodded by teacher or group members.

Student is rarely frustrated and is able to think of some viable options.

Student is never frustrated with project and is able to think of multiple options for problems.



Does not include enough information with respects to role and situation. Grids and tables arenot helpful in family meeting.

Includes some good information. Some is appropriate in role but some is useless.  Grids and tables bring minimal use to family meeting.

Includes mostly useful information.  Most is appropriate in role. Brings useful points to family meeting.

Includes all useful information that is role appropriate.  Is a great help for the family meeting


Group Work






Shares Information

Does not relay any information with group members.

Relays very little information

Relays some basic information which relates to the topic.

Relays a great deal of information which all relates to the topic.


Fulfills Role's Responsibilities.

Does not perform any duties of assigned team role.

Performs very little duties.

Performs nearly all duties.

Performs all duties of assigned team role.


Speaks in English in  Family Meeting.

Does not speak in English during meeting.

Speaks in some English during meeting.

Speaks mostly in English.

Speaks in English exclusively.


Cooperates with Group

Usually argues with group members.

Sometimes argues.

Rarely argues.

Never argues.


Makes Fair Decisions

Usually wants to have things own way.

Often sides with friends instead of considering all views.

Usually considers all views.

Always helps team to reach a fair decision.


Final Report







Does not report trip has planned in family meetings. Shows little concern for topic.

Reports trip vaguely.

Information is appropriate but report lacks organisation and cohesion.

Report contains main information

Relays a great deal of information. Report is organised.



Contains many grammatical errors.

Contains several errors.

Contains some errors.

Is virtually error free.