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News on education



  • Baccalaureat: your teacher's selection
  • Le Café Pédagogique's section for 2004 exams (Brevet and Baccalauréat): official texts, training, online interactive exercises, corrections, ect.


Cool links: news for teens

  • Time for Kids: online news magazine for teens (in Englsih)
  • BBC for teens: The famous British Broadcasting Corporation site for teenagers
  • Phosphore: online news magazine for teens (in French)

Links to revise your English


Tools to use the Internet better

  • Google search: Google remains the best websearch engine to search the internet. Open Google and type key words in the search box (use several precise key words)

    Exple 1: if you want to find the lyrics of a song, enter the "title" of the song, "artist" and the word "lyrics" , separate key words using the space bar.

    Exple 2: if you are looking for an article on a particular subject. Type "news article" plus the "theme" you are studying. If you're subject is very precise, you should add more precise key words in your search box.

  • WordReference: online bilingual dictionary to translate French, Spanish, German, Italian into English (and vice versa)


Careers Advising links

  • Onisep:National Office for Educational and Careers Information
  • cidj: Careers advisory centre


La Jetée 's Students' Participation to the World Wide Web

  • Slavery Project: The 2de E's project on slavery, year 2002-2003. Meet the class, do online exercises created by the students, follow them through the Céron Plantation, and much more. A great site full of brillant work.
  • Read the 2de E's school rules essays, year 2002-2003
  • Read the 2de E's paragraphs on Christmas in Martinique, year 2003-2004
  • Time project: Meet the 2de E, year 2003-2004. See the class and meet each student.
  • Mobile phones: Take a look at the posters by Tle STT- IG students , year 2003-2004
  • Robots drawn by 3 students of 2de D, year 2002-2003




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