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World Cup 2006 - more web activities

- Connect to the list of qualified teams for the 2006 World Cup, and find the equivalent nationality adjective for each country.


Then , make up sentences using the name of the country and the nationality adjective as in this example: "France is qualified for the world cup, Zidane is the best French player."

- What do you think of the slogan chosen by Germany ? Justify.


- How much does your ticket cost : choose three games you would like to see : what is the price range for each match? What is the cheapest price you can get for three games ?

http://www.globalticketservice.com/eventlist.asp ?event=Sports&mainevent=World%20cup%202006

- Match schedule for 2006 World Cup


Make up sentences using the match schedule (in the future or in the past, depending on whether you are doing this activity before or after the match), then say something about the score, as in the exemple :

"France will play against Germany on June 14th, 2006, and I think France will win" or "Germany played against France on June 14th 2006 and Germany won"

- Fifa World Cup- the origin : Complete the grid adding a line at the bootom for the World Cup 2006


- Article from The Guardian :"Fans spend £300m on seats at new Wembley" + pair-work activities




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