Part of the "New Year's Resolutionsy" lesson plan

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1°) Listen to the following document and answer the question




Answer the following questions :  



2) : Click HERE to listen to the document again and fill in the script


It's the one time of the when we to do : from dieting to .

The people are often disappointed by their well meaning
. Psychologists say behaviours are difficult to without careful planning.

"No matter what goals we set ourselves it helps to make them realistic something that we…that is within our reach, something that we can measure"

For example,
of to drop 20 pounds next , you can

a mini resolution to cut out desert after dinner.

So for somebody who
to do more walking in their life it may be they walk 3 times a week for 10 minutes.

Doctor Stevens says gradual steps help people reach their larger goals. Support from
and is also important.




3°) Vocabulary

you should have learnt a few link words from the previous lessons

Can you.........

Give a synonym for "even though " ?

Give a synonym for "although"?

Give a synonym for "but"?

Give a synonym for "so"?



4°) In a previous lesson, you wrote the first draft of an essay on your resolutions for the New Year. You saved this work in : voisinage réseau - Poste enseignant - bernard- docs classe - 2de - 2de H

- Open this document and use it to write your final essay in 5 disctinct paragraphs.

N.B.: Use at least 3 link words in each paragraph.

Sélectionnez et glissez =>

    Rédigez dans ce rectangle :

    <P> saute une ligne <BR> passe à la ligne


Vous allez à présent sauvegarder votre travail : cliquez sur 'Devoir' puis avec un clic droit dans le devoir 'afficher la source' et 'Fichier/Sauvegarder sous'.


Test by Laurence Bernard, English teacher at Le Lycée du François, 97240 François, France
  (Académie de la Martinique)

Credits: Many great thanks to JP Palasse for his precious contribution.